By using internationally leading urban planning concepts, C&P scientifically and systematically does research on urban development trends and reasonable layouts for commercial zone renovation and large-scale land planning programs. It comprehensively arranges overall layouts for various project constructions, fully predicts conditions that may occur in the future, and supplies multiple solutions to decision makers to leave adequate space for urban sustainable development.

Planning and Design

Beijing Large Tianxiu Garden
Jiangsu Huangmei Yipin Tangshan
Plan of Tianjin Global Villa Residential Quarters
Shenyang Wanlong (North of Shenyang)
Plan of Zhejiang Yongkang Hardware Technology and Industry Park
Plan of Tianjin Huaming Town
Plan of Xiamen Guanyinshan CBD International Business Center
Wuhan Peninsula Impression
Zhuai Gree Coast
Renovation plan for Xiamen Gulangyu Neicuoao and Quanzhou Roads
Plan of Beijing Daxing Xihongmen Residential Area
Plan of Liaoning Coastal Recycling Economic Park
The master plan for Xiamen Guanyin Mountain
Xiamen Xinglinwan Business Center
Conceptual Plan of the New Exhibition City in the North of Xiamen Convention Center
Planning of Liuhe Economic Development Zone
Planning of Dongtuo Area of Jiangan County Urban-Rural Integration Zone, Yibin, Sichuan
Cangzhou Overall Conceptual Planning and East New City Development Planning
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