Landscape is nature people desire and manmade artwork. It is history, culture and beauty. C&P knows very well the importance of landscape in modern society. On basis of scientific and rational analysis, it effectively combines soft views of fountain, pool, anti-compression turf, trimmed trees and hard views of pavement, sculpture, pergola, bench, lights, and garbage bins. C&P strives for reasonable overall layout of land, scenery and ecological system to offer harmonious outdoor space for human beings and land.

Landscape Design

Linfen Dongsheng Huating
Linfen Jinyu Palace
Zhaoyuan Creation Headquarter Base
Cangzhou Yihe Wenyuan
Tianjin Phoenix Villa
Landscape Design of Zhangbei No.1 Middle School
Hankou Legend
Xi’an Xin Xing Sintayana
Chengdu Longfor North City Paradise Walk
Chengdu Bei Sen Residence
Chengdu Poly Center
Chengdu Longfor Jinnan Paradise Walk
Xi’an China Housing Corporation Headquarter
Vanke Yu Garden
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