C&P – Your ideal employer.

Your future is also our future.

We firmly believe that an excellent employer should supply favorable environment for employees to achieve personal values and development. C&P supplies adequate opportunities for employee career promotions inside the corporation and cross nations. Employees have opportunities to participate in new tasks and challenges.

Customized personal development programs, business diversity and internationalization of C&P offer an extensive platform for employee career development. After joining C&P, employees would receive help in professional training, work performance and personal potential exploration. No matter what specialty and post you have, you will know very well your development vision. We does not only supply formal training, but also guild you for your career planning through quality personal development programs and in-service training.

C&P understands that talents are the fundamental driving force for corporate sustainable development. Its human oriented and advantage emphasizing talent outlook, diversified enterprise culture and harmonious work environment have attracted a lot of excellent architects at home and abroad.

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