Corporate Introduction

C&P was founded in Lyon France in 1983, specializing in architecture design and engineering consultation. At the beginning of 1990s, C&P started to pay attention to Chinese architecture design market. After years of exploration, it formally entered China in 1999 and established its subsidiary in Xiamen. With rapid development of Chinese business and for better service to customers, C&P located its China headquarters in Beijing in 2004, and established subsidiaries in Tianjin, Nanjing and U.S.

After 30 years of development, the business scope of C&P keeps expanding which covers urban planning, conceptual design, construction drawing design, landscape design, construction consultancy and advisory, with the ability to offer comprehensive design solutions of regular and ecological projects for fields of commerce, hotel, industrial park, culture, sport, elderly welfare, medicine and residence.

Relying on its combination of east and west design concepts and unique design styles, C&P has established strategic partnerships with national and international famous real estate developers, investors and administrative departments of local governments, and has undertaken representative planning, design and consultancy projects in different fields to win high recognition of customers.

C&P’s management principle is willing to seek common points and strict to pursue innovations. It has abundant project resources, innovative design concepts, advanced engineering technology, diversified enterprise culture, and harmonious work environment to attract excellent architects at home and abroad. Therefore, it has integrated French romantic freedom, American modern technology and Chinese classic naturalism to strive for its architectural dreams by incorporation and advantage utilization.

Core Values:

Willing to seek common points, and strict to pursue innovations.

To seek common points is a standard, a standard for team unification, a standard for professional regulation, and a standard for service implementation. To seek common points is not to simply converge, but to enjoy common happiness by cherishing hearts deeply knowing happiness.

To pursue innovations is a spirit, individual space for teams, vitality source for professionalism, and value-added development for services. To pursue innovations is not to boast novelty, but to create by following prudent principles.

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